A World That Listens? - International Conference on Consultation, London

Name der Veranstaltung

A World That Listens? - International Conference on Consultation, London


22. Oktober 2013 - 9:00 bis 16:45


America Square Conference Centre, No.1, America Square 17 Crosswall, London, Greater London EC3N 2LB



Von der Website des Consultation Institute (Veranstalter):

This conference is designed for everyone working in public, stakeholder or customer consultation, whether in the private, public or voluntary sectors. Setting best practice standards for the consultation industry, the Consultation Institute (tCI) knows that all organisations - large and small, public and private – are now committed to consulting their customers or the general public. But are these organisations truly listening? And can we now tell the difference between consultation and a tokenistic tick-box exercise?
To celebrate 10 years of leadership in public engagement, tCI has brought together an exciting
programme of speakers including leading thinkers and practitioners in their field, as well as experts in public policy and commercial decision-making. Join the largest gathering of consultation enthusiasts for the day and learn how they now approach best practice public and stakeholder engagement. Hear from the Judge who originated the “Gunning Principles” that underpin the Law of Consultation. And learn from others whose task is similar, but whose working environments pose special problems.
All of this we will do with eyes on the wider world. The UK may have some of the most developed engagement practices anywhere, but wherever there is major political social or physical change, there is consultation. Our opening keynote speaker - Cyprian Fisiy of the World Bank in Washington, USA – will explain to us how important it is to listen better from neighbourhoods to nations.


The cost of the conference is:
Members ... £250.00       
CPD Holders ... £195.00   
Non-Members ... £295.00