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Stimme |  Stadtteilfonds |  Redaktion |  07.04.2015

Neighborhood funds for more effective participatory budgeting?

The first ‚new wave’ of participatory budgeting in Germany is slowly but surely fading out. A considerable number of municipalities has been continuing its participatory budgeting process for several years and is now facing numerous unsolved questions. One of these is seeking an answer to the question of how more citizens can be motivated to participate.

Report |  Redaktion |  25.02.2015

Updated Study: Participatory Budgeting Worldwide

The second edition of the study Learning from the South: Participatory Budgeting Worldwide – an Invitation to Global Cooperation published by the Service Agency Communities in One World in May 2014 highlights a number of new trends and developments of participatory budgeting processes around the globe and confirms findings of the 2010 edition of the study. Dynamic developments and the permanent expansion of various forms of participatory budgeting over the last three years in different parts of the world called for an update of the first version.