Participatory budgeting in Solingen: ‘Solingen spart’ [‘Solingen is cutting costs’]

Best Practice | Gast | 23.04.2013

Launched in: 2010


European Public Sector Award (2011) for good governance in Europe

Distinctive features:          

Focus on saving costs

The Solingen participatory budget is known primarily for being an ‘austerity budget’. It focuses on consolidation. The city of Solingen, which has had to grapple with huge financial problems, faced the threat of bankruptcy in 2013. The decision to adopt PB meant that it was not going to discuss the issue of where costs could be cut behind closed doors. Under the slogan ‘Solingen spart’ [‘Solingen is cutting costs’], in 2010 citizens were able to participate in the planning of their municipal budget for the first time. Using the website, citizens submitted their own proposals for cutting costs and generating revenues, and commented on and rated proposals made by the local authority and other citizens. This launched a broad public debate on what cost-cutting measures were needed. In 2010 the municipality of Solingen, together with its citizens, drew up a package to save 44 million euros. After the success story of 2010, PB was repeated in 2012.

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