PB in Hilden: the ‘wise old hand’

Best Practice | Gast | 23.04.2013

Launched in: 2002

Distinctive features:      

‘Wise old hand’ in PB, diversity and creativity in the design of procedures

The city of Hilden holds the German record for PB.  From 2002 to 2004 it took part in the ‘Municipal participatory budgeting’ pilot project of the Bertelsmann Foundation and the Ministry of the Interior of the German federal state of North-Rhine Westphalia. Since then, the city has continued to implement its municipal PB process consistently every year. It is thus responsible for the oldest and most continuous process of citizen participation in municipal budgeting anywhere in Germany. In Hilden, the idea of PB has become an integral part of the culture of policymaking and administration.

There is no ‘Hilden model’. What is in fact remarkable is the diversity of procedures that the city of Hilden has come up with over the years. As well as citizens’ forums and online participation (first launched in 2011), it has also pursued creative approaches. At the ‘Hildopoly’ information event in 2010, the city took a playful approach to communicating what funds it has to spend in order to deliver which services. As well as providing citizens with an opportunity to submit proposals on the municipal budget, there is also a special focus on the information phase.

Further information on PB in Hilden:

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