What do the proponents of participatory budgeting in Germany say?

Supporters of PB give many reasons why they believe it is a good idea to implement PB:


1. Transparency creates trust and confidence.
PB makes the use of public funds transparent. Transparency strengthens citizens’ trust and confidence in the political process.

2. Information enables citizens to understand and assess political decision-making.
Citizens become familiarised with the complexity of municipal finances. Well-informed citizens are then better able to understand and appraise political decisions.

3. Citizens identify more strongly with their municipality.
Citizens who are able to help actively shape their municipality through PB identify more strongly with it. This promotes the municipality’s positive image, also externally.

4. Promoting civic education and political engagement
By participating, citizens learn more about democratic processes and why their vote is important. The opportunity to participate fosters citizens’ interest in politics and political engagement.

5. Valuable proposals and pointers                                                                    
Citizens’ knowledge and ideas are a valuable addition to the professional expertise of the administration. They also help administrators prioritise measures.

6. A means of modernising the administration
PB is a means of modernising the administration. The administration is better able to respond to citizens’ needs.

7. Participation promotes the acceptance of decisions.
Well-informed citizens who participate understand that resources are limited and that the wishes of the population are manifold.

8. Participation promotes the legitimacy of decision-making.
PB helps legitimate political decision-making. A policymaker can only fulfil his or her democratic rule as a representative of the people if he or she is familiar with citizens’ preferences. PB thus strengthens representative democracy.

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